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The fifth generation mobile communication technology, referred to as 5G, is the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology. Its performance goals are high data rates, reduced latency, energy savings, reduced costs, increased system capacity, and large-scale device connectivity.


4G communication technology is the fourth-generation mobile information system. It is a better improvement on 3G technology. It combines WLAN technology with 3G communication technology to make the image transmission speed faster and the quality higher.

Wireless Bridge

A wireless bridge is a bridge of a wireless network. It uses wireless transmission to bridge communication between two or more networks. The wireless bridge is divided into a circuit bridge and a data bridge from the communication mechanism.

Industry Solutions


ONT, which is an optical network device, is a product in the xpon network access solution.ONU: Optical Network Unit. ONU is divided into active optical network unit and passive optical network unit.
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