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Sunwave Communications Co., Ltd. founded in 1993, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007 (stock code: 002115). As an international mainstream provider of mobile communication network construction and mobile Internet information services, Sunwave is committed to providing professional products and operating services in wireless coverage, wireless security, industrial Internet of things (iIoT), private industry network, broadband satellite communications, communications facility leasing, mobile Internet, digital marketing and other fields.

[Press Release] Mar 16,2020
What Sunwave has done to reduce 5G construction cost?

Speaking of 5G, we have countless imagination:Intelligent light has been turned on automatically while you enter the housePlaying VR game with your friends after lunchSelf-driving car is at your disposal if you want to go to anywhere……All of these amazing things are coming closer with the developmen

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[Press Release] Jul 24,2020
Space-Ground LTE based Private Mobile Network Communication Solution

In the era of 4G Mobile Internet.Many remote areas remain without mobile internet coverage. In many special occasions, it is urgent to use network communication to command and dispatch work.Sunwave company has set up the integrated "vacant land" 4G high-quality private network communication for the

[Press Release] Jul 17,2020
Ultra-wideband passive components facilitate 5G fast network construction

With the rapid development of 5G, the communication industry will embrace a significant development opportunity. Because the existing stock of traditional DAS system in 5G era cannot support functions such as 3.5GHz high-frequency and xTxR MIMO, etc., the evolution to 5G has encountered a developmen

Jul 08,2020
Power up your medium-scaled business with M2RU

With mobile applications increase exponentially, greater demands have been placed on modern wireless infrastructures. High power DAS, which used to be the choice for all outdoor related venues, is no longer an ideal solution to medium-scaled business. Instead, mid power DAS meets the need of these s


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