AL8M Access Point

The AL8M from SUNWAVE is a 15KM 802.11 a/n/ac outdoor high-performance access point, providing customers with stable and convenient outdoor wireless connection and long distance wireless backhaul. The design of the AL8M complies with the IP56 standard. It can protect from water, dust, oil and other non-corrosive materials, which ensures that it can smoothly operate in the harsh environment.
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Key Features

   Supports 802.11a/n/ac standard and 2×2 MIMO standard

   The highest transmission rate is 867 Mbps

   Outdoor recommended transmission distance: 0 ~ 15 km

   Integrated antenna, quick installation

   Built-in VTrans technology, including TDMA+, Frequency (channel) extension function, Channel width selection, and Auto ACK function

   Intelligent QoS wireless multimedia optimization technology, providing high priority transmission levels for voice and video

●   Supports wireless spectrum scanning, can analyze the spectrogram of the set spectrum, can monitor the real-time energy information of the environment, including WIFI and non-WIFI energy

●   Supports JTrans, it can reduce the external interference from the same frequency band of the equipment and accessories, so that the equipment can have better network stability in the environment of large interference

●   Supports high-precision wireless link test function, compared with professional testers, test error ≤ 3%

●   Supports antenna calibration tool, real-time aligning the antenna

   Supports dual firmware backup. The mechanism can prevent the device from stopping work in extreme conditions

   Supports web page management, making installation and maintenance of the equipment more convenient

   Supports wireless controller (AC) management, realize remote centralized configuration and upgrade management

   The digital tube displays the signal strength, which is convenient for debugging

   IP56 Protection level



   AL8M Datasheet (March 2022):    SP_SW_AL8M.pdf