5G Integrated gNodeB - nCELL-M4370

The nCELL-M4370 from SUNWAVE is based on advanced multi-core ARM and FPGA solutions and adopts an integrated design method of 5G BBU and RRU. Based on a completely independent research and development protocol stack and system software, it realizes a complete 5G NR wireless access, which can quickly provide users with a reliable 5G wireless coverage network.

The nCELL-M4370 has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, convenient construction, etc., and is suitable for applications in many 5G vertical industries.
  • nCELL-M4370
  • Sunwave Communications

Key Features

        ●    Supports 1 x 4T4R or 2 x 2T2R

        ●    Supports TDD

        ●    Supports 400 RRC users per cell

        ●    DL 1.5 Gbps, UL 260 Mbps (DDDSU)

        ●    DL 658 Mbps, UL 669 Mbps (DSUUU)

        ●    Supports GPS, 1588V2 clock synchronization

        ●    3500 ~ 3800 MHz, band customization



nCELL-M4370 Datasheet (Apr 2023):   SP_SW_nCELL-M4370_V2.0.pdf