4G Enterprise Femtocell - sCELL-EF

The sCELL-EF from SUNWAVE is an enterprise-level 4G integrated Femto applying LTE technology. The product connects to the backbone network through wired backhaul, and provides LTE access for terminals. It supports the transmission of voice and data with indoor wireless broadband coverage.
  • sCELL-EF

  • Sunwave Communications


Key Benefits and Advantages

    Compact Design

        ●    Integrated baseband + radio unit + antenna module

        ●    Built-in high gain antenna (3 dBi)

    Superb Performance

        ●    The latest generation of ASIC small cell baseband and RF chips

        ●    Uplink supports up to 64QAM modulation

    RAN Sharing

        ●    Wide frequency range design

        ●    Supports MOCN and dual-PLMN broadcast

Key Features

     ●    Integrated design of baseband and radio head

     ●    Based on 3GPP LTE technology with high-speed data services

     ●    Supports 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15 MHz, 20 MHz bandwidth

     ●    Convenient networking, plug and play solution, easy and flexible deployment

     ●    External high-gain antenna for various usage scenarios

     ●    Built-in DHCP server, DNS client and NAT functions, powerful high-speed routing capabilities

     ●    Plentiful security service provides real-time protection, to prevent potential security risks and illegal intrusion

     ●    Web-based management, convenient and intuitive

     ●    Humanized indicator light, easy to observe and manage equipment status

     ●    IP20 protection level 



   4G Enterprise Femtocell - sCELL-EF Datasheet (Sep 2023):  SP_SW_sCELL-EF_V3.5.pdf