Exploration to the Connectivity Paradigm of 5G

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From February 27th 2023-March 2nd 2023, Sunwave attended MWC Barcelona 2023 at Fira Gran Via, which is the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. This prominent event has gathered more than 88,500 attendees over 202 countries including global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, seeking to unlock the full power of connectivity so that people, industry and society thrive.


As countries are experiencing the transition into a post-pandemic economic recovery phase, mobile connectivity is set to play a crucial role in defining the new normal. According to research statistics, the global 5G market size is expected to grow from US$ 2.56 billion in 2020 to US$ 23.95 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 56.39% between 2020 and 2025. Despite the meteoric growth of the Internet and broadband connectivity, about 49 percent of the world’s population, or 3.7 billion people, were still offline and excluded from the seemingly interconnected era. There is no doubt that 5G is unlocking untapped value for all players across the entire ecosystem and represents the best chance for replacement and enhancement of connectivity and a paradigm shift in telecommunications. As the leading provider of mobile communication solutions, Sunwave firmly believes that closing the mobile internet usage gap is crucial to realizing the potential of mobile connectivity, which are highlighted in the representation in Barcelona this year.

This year, our booth features on our pioneering work regarding the indoor wireless coverage solutions, respectively demonstrating the Sunwave Cellular DAS system and Sunwave O-RAN solution in the context of various applicable scenarios including office building, stadium, schools, hospitals. The innovative highlight of the exhibition this year must be the N3 platform, which is part of the CrossFire 3.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology, plus future RAN virtualization. It is conspicuously characterized by its advanced performance, flexible design and convenient usage. With 8*25dBm output power and wider bandwidth of 25 Gbps, which exceeds the performance of similar products. What’s more, the compatibility of RF and O-RAN access promises its prevalence in application cases. Its modular design allows the customer to assemble as request while selective channels guarantee the enabling as request. The deployment of this platform by mobile operators ultimately will lead to the enhancement of last mile indoor coverage as the equipment supplier ecosystem expands and the demands of end users diversify.


Sunwave also presented its 4G/5G integrated and distributed base station, which delivers impressively high throughput. The new generation products can help operations quickly construct a low-cost, high-performance and converged mobile communication network. This 4G/5G series allow customers to flexibly build their own networks in response to the individual needs based on specific industries and regions, which helps to promote the adoption of private 5G and to resolve issues faced by customers.

-5G Integrated and Distributed gNodeB. It is equipped with a 4X4 MIMO, which delivers high throughput of over 1.2Gbps in 100Mhz. Additionally, this base station can be equipped with a variety of external or integrated antennas to serve both short and long distances.

-4G Integrated and Distributed eNodeB. It is an industry-leading LTE base station , providing flexible architecture based on the various needs of customers. It delivers high radio capacity, which helps to promote operational efficiency.

Technical specialist and experts have exchanged insights on the latest industry developments impacting the service provider community. Vice President of Sunwave Overseas Business Department Tracy Yu represented Sunwave to be interviewed by Mobile World Live. He pointed out that the active DAS will pave the way for 5G technology with the concept of neutral host. Sunwave adheres to the perspective that 5G is needed to keep people connected. During the past several days, we strengthen the relationship with customers and partners, probe new business models and extend marketplaces with strategic partners, to build the agile capabilities needed for effective 5G utilization.

Sunwave is developed to help accelerate actions to address last-mile Internet connectivity issues in situations that include a lack of network infrastructure and with a view to encouraging more affordable service delivery. More than ever before, we can shape the future in  truly transformational ways. We are delighted to share thoughts and experience concerning the paradigm of 5G through the bridge built by the MWC23. Sunwave will continue to work with our solid partners to construct a connected era!

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