Sunwave Empowers Latin America’s Network Infrastructure with Multiple Innovative 5G Products & Solutions

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Futurecom the largest telecom expo in Latin America, was held in São Paulo, Brazil from October 3rd to 5th. Under the theme “Connecting the Interactions-the era of connected data, people and business interaction”, this 3-day expo gathered over 250 brands, 30,000 viewers and 800 presenters all across the globe.

As a global leading mobile communications solutions provider, Sunwave Communications showcased with multiple innovative 5G products and E2E solutions for indoor wireless coverage, wireless network and wireless signal security. Sunwave aims to the driving force for the long-term development of network infrastructure and digital upgrading from 5G technology in Latin America and the entire world.

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Focus on Network Convergence and 5G Enablement for Different Industrial Sectors

Regarding indoor wireless network coverage, Sunwave presented solutions based on the digital DAS system and O-RAN technology. Sunwave's O-RAN technology-based solutions enable network infrastructure sharing, especially in the field of small base stations. Meanwhile, the digital DAS distribution system is capable of effectively expanding coverage and enhancing system reliability, making it an indispensable 5G technology.

The representative product among them is the N3 series, an innovative 5G Remote Unit (RU) product with high compatibility for indoor wireless network. This innovative product not only facilitates the seamless sharing of 5G services among multiple operators but also offers the advantage of customized coverage through its channelized digital filter. Furthermore, the N3 series can be effortlessly deployed, similar to WiFi, as it operates on a fiber-to-antenna architecture, which has already been successfully applied in various scenarios including office buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, etc.

As opportunities emerge, more diversified solutions from Sunwave are rapidly coming to the market. Porto Alegre Airport in Brazil, one of the top ten airports, often experiences unstable signals due to the large volume of passengers and complex building structure. After deploying Sunwave's digital DAS solution, its wireless coverage reached up to 100%, making downloading speeds faster and improving passengers' experience.


Simultaneously,Sunwave has also made significant innovations in the Private Network market with its 4G/5G O-RAN solutions. Committed to delivering the finest solutions, Sunwave's adoption of distributed and integrated systems ensures a perfect fit for diverse scenarios. This approach not only aligns with the specific requirements of various use cases but also promises tangible and sustained benefits for investors, employees, and other stakeholders in the long term.

Providing Customized Solutions for Accelerating Network Infrastructure Construction in Latin America

In 2020, Sunwave started to develop Latin American market. “As an emerging market, Latin America was relatively weak in its digital capacity in the past. But with the emergence of new models, new forms of business and new industries, the region holds great potential for development.” Gustavo Kretschmer, VP sales LATAM of Sunwave, gave an example that the Brazil government is sparing no effort to carry out 5G construction, and plans to achieve full 5G coverage in the country by 2029. “At present, Sunwave has reached cooperation with operators in Brazil, Chile and other Latin American countries, serving more than 40 large venues, providing customized solutions for office buildings, rail transits, commercial complexes, mining stations and other diversified scenarios.” Gustavo believes that the numerous challenges and opportunities presented by the development of the digital economy in Latin America will accelerate the digital transformation in the 5G era. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Sunwave gathered with more than 100 customers and partners in Latin America to review its 30 years of development and envision the vast opportunities in the Latin American market.


In recent year, Sunwave put more resources for local partnership development. 2023 H1, accompany with proactively developing DAS and private network in Brazil, Mexico and other countries of Latin America, Sunwave cultivated local partners to construct completed solutions for different industrial sectors.

2023 H1, Sunwave achieved a remarkable 19.41 million USD for overseas business and maintained steady growth. Sunwave firmly promotes its overseas strategy and has set up the independent overseas business team to provide customers with multi-operator, integrated network, and wireless coverage products and services which meet various standards, making it a global leader in industry application. Over the years, with its core products such as 5G DAS, 5G private network and ORAN launched to the market, Sunwave has successfully solved the last mile in achieving full coverage of wireless network, thus further enhancing its competitiveness and brand influence.

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