Transforming the Future of 5G Technology in LATAM

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Transforming the Future of 5G Technology in LATAM

From October 18th 2022-October 20th 2022, Sunwave attended the Futurecom 2022 at São Paulo Expo, the biggest phygital content and relationship platform on the connectivity universe in Latin America. The event has convened roughly 29 000 people from 40 countries, signifying the importance of 5G technology for a greener planet, more productive industries and more efficient networks.


There has been repressed demand for traffic in Latin America, with 5G satisfying with much greater economic and energy efficiency. So not only is there more capacity, but traffic is much more efficient. As an ambitious explorer and steadfast pioneer of 5G wireless communication solutions, Sunwave for the first time participated in the Latin America exhibition and displayed wireless coverage solutions, 5G wireless broadband solutions and wireless network security solutions. During the show, extensive highlights were showcased by Sunwave, primarily presenting the following product solutions regarding wireless coverage, wireless network and wireless security.


Technological change, rising consumer expectations and the lack of penetration from the outdoors as a result of dense building materials, especially as the use of higher cellular frequencies in Latin America regions are becoming prevalent reasons to enhance wireless connectivity. Sunwave which has played a role of an active enabler in wireless coverage solution, possesses the industry’s most advanced, next generation technology Distributed Antenna System (DAS), in the aim of providing a seamless end to end mobile reception and connectivity across a variety of sites types. Being one of the latest technology based on DAS architecture, N3RU is an awesome choice from Sunwave to be applied to neutral host multi-MNO in-building scenarios. It well combines all bands to achieve multi-operator access in various deployment scenarios including road tunnels, stadiums, shopping centers, airports, commercial office space and everything in between. With Sunwave’s wireless coverage solution, we can help customers achieve improved mobile coverage while creating a dedicated capacity zone, minimize radiation from their devices and improve battery lives.


Besides the importance of making technology available, massification changes the scenario for the population in Latin America. In other words, Sunwave hopes that 5G networks should be accessible to as many people as possible. During the event, Sunwave demonstrated its wireless network product solutions and unveil its brand new all-in-one compact base station and auto alignment CPE. 5G Femtocell- the F2240 adopts an integrated architecture which contributes to rapid deployment and helps operators reduce network construction and operation costs. Its high-quality coverage, latency and reliability delivers ubiquitous 5G connectivity readily in any environment to support evolving consumer applications. The ‘plug and play’ capabilities also make it easy to set up, which keeps installation costs to a minimum. It can be wall, ceiling or desktop mounted. Auto Alignment CPE with a high gain antenna supports DIY installation without on-site engineer and can cover the suburbs of traditional BTS. It is adaptive for 4G LTE and 5G NR frequency and could helps users in suburban areas to conveniently enjoy reliable and high-speed broadband network services and enjoy a smooth and stable network life at any time.


In addition, many customers paid attention to the product solutions of wireless security. The Managed Access System (MAS) developed by Sunwave supports multiple network operators’ bands with various power configurations to address blocking mobile cellular signal at any venue with innovative patent technology of signaling downlink blocking. The MAS system has been applied in Europe, Asia Pacific and other places around the world. It can reduce 30% of cost in signal control in places such as prison, confidential meetings while the blocking efficiency increased from 30% to 99% with almost 95% whole area can be covered by blocking radio frequency signal. The MAS solution provided points out a way to detect illegal phone use as well as a full shielding in entire area, arousing applause and praises from customers.

Deeply cultivated in the telecommunications industry for decades, Sunwave has been marked with regional development advantages. During the event of Futurecom, Sunwave explored industrial-grade networking solutions designed to help Latin American customers improve safety, increase their productivity and help them become more efficient. The VP Sales from Sunwave LATAM was interviewed by local media. On behalf of the company, he stated that on the basis of what Sunwave has gained during the event, it will fully grasp its strengths and continue to utilize the advanced innovations in 4G/5G technology in order to offer LATAM customers with the best-in-breed for various scenarios.


Sunwave’s portfolio of connectivity and digital engagement will usher in new 5G wireless opportunities across LATAM by delivering new digital experiences with high bandwidth and tailored applications. Sunwave appreciated the efforts made by our local partner Digitel during the event and is looking forward to joining local key industry players and others across our broad partner ecosystem to demonstrate the comprehensive network solutions portfolio and the importance of 5G network technology so as to create and pass on profound values in the 5G era.


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