Sunwave Vigorously Promotes Comprehensive 5G Indoor Solutions in Brazil and LATAM

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5G is the revolutionary mobile communication technology that will usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution and drastically change the society and economy of the future. Interest in 5G is growing in Latin America, and its deployment and adoption presents a real opportunity to promote economic recovery and social inclusion throughout the region. Sunwave, as the leading mobile wireless network solution provider, took part in the MWC Barcelona 2023 from February 27th to March 2nd, showcasing its latest product solutions in this most magnificent industrial event.


By the end of 2027, 5G is expected to represent 44 percent of mobile subscriptions in Latin America and the average traffic per smartphone is forecast to be approximately 35GB per month. Sunwave firmly believes that the deployment of 5G networks represents a significant opportunity for development in the region. Given the enormous chances that 5G networks create, Sunwave has witnessed the promising prospects of the Latin American countries to actively adopt 5G. The highlight of this years exhibition must be attributed to the joint release by Sunwave and Digitel. Sunwave is dedicated to promote the N3 platform developed by itself with Digitel service of designing, commissioning and installation so as to achieve the fast and extensive implementation of N3 platform in Brazil and Latin America.


CrossFire N3 is a digital transport platform supporting cellular on fiber optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 8 channels with a combined EiRP value of almost 1 Watt utilizing integrated antennas for cellular coverage. The N3 platform is part of the CrossFire 3.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology, plus future RAN virtualization. The characteristics of Crossfire N3 are ideal for new use cases in business and industry. Latin America is an industrial hub of global relevance. Mining, manufacturing, seaports, airports, warehouses and energy plants are examples of sectors developing innovative solutions to take advantage of the emerging opportunities with the most conspicuous advantages of Crossfire N3 including cost-effective deployment advanced performance, easy installation and customized design. The technology will guarantee reliable wireless coverage as well as more stable network connections in the last mile and will impact the main sectors of the economy with a transmission speed up to 20 times greater than that of 4G.


The Latin American 5G market is projected to generate over USD 28.4 billion annually by 2030 in enhanced mobile broadband revenues. As the Latin America Sales Director Gustato Kretschmer states: The deployment of 5G networks represents a significant opportunity for development in the Brazil. Sunwave is committed to popularize our ideal 5G indoor solutions in all walks of lives in order to fulfill the mission for a more connected world. Sunwave is fully aware of the potentiality of Brazilian and LATAM market and is ready to capture future 5G network possibilities in the regions with our solid partners!

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