Sunwave Communications Celebrates 30th Anniversary: Firm Commitment to Overseas Strategy Yields Global Blossoming

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On August 10th, Sunwave Communications Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Sunwave, Stock Code: 002115.SZ) celebrated its 30th anniversary and hosted a grand Global Partner Conference at the Hangzhou International Conference Center.


Li Yuelun, Chairman of Sunwave

During the celebration, Li Yuelun, Chairman of Sunwave, delivered a speech. He expressed that from the initial stages of entrepreneurial with 6 or 7 people to now having over 1,000 employees, Sunwave has evolved into a leading national high-tech enterprise in the field of domestic network optimization coverage equipment and solutions. The company has consistently walked on the path of pursuing dreams. From the domestic market to the overseas market, the strategy may change, but the original intention remains the same. The pursuit of specialization and achieving excellence in every endeavor is the consistent business philosophy of Sunwave.  


Sunwave 30th Anniversary Ceremony and Global Partner Conference 2023

Over the past decade, Sunwave has relentlessly ventured into overseas markets, gaining strength from setbacks and growing more powerful with each challenge. In 2012, the overseas sales department of Sunwave was officially established, marking the beginning of its international expansion. Venturing into international markets is never a smooth journey for businesses; it requires a team that can overcome obstacles. Since 2016, Sunwave has experienced a consistent and rapid growth in its overseas business. In 2022, the company's revenue from overseas markets reached a record high of 350 million yuan.

Today, Sunwave has built "information superhighways" in over 200 cities across Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and other regions. As a leading global provider of mobile communication solutions, Sunwave contributes to the technological evolution and digital advancement of the 5G era for global users, spanning network infrastructure construction, wireless coverage, wireless networks, wireless security and satellite communications.

"Over the past few years, Sunwave has been dedicated to developing and researching comprehensive product solutions portfolios. At the same time, we have continuously strengthened our collaboration with international customers and partners, exploring new business models and leveraging strategic partnerships to drive high-growth consumer markets," said Tracy Yu, Vice President of Sunwave Overseas Business Department. "In regions such as North America, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific, and Europe, our agile and responsive product matrix and end-to-end integrated solutions are being replicated and applied on a scalable level, providing a solid foundation for co-creating the interconnected era."


Sunwave Booth - MWC 2023

Gustavo, the VP sales of Sunwave in Latin America, stated, "As an emerging market, the digital capabilities in the Latin America region are relatively weak. However, with the continuous emergence of new models, formats, and industries, this region holds enormous development potential. Sunwave possesses robust innovative technological capabilities, a scalable supply chain, and a professional elite team. I am confident in our ability to expanding into this market." According to information available, Sunwave has already established partnerships with operators in Latin American countries such as Brazil and Chile, serving more than 40 large venues and providing customized solutions for diverse scenarios including hospitals, subways, commercial centers, shopping malls, and mining stations. The multitude of challenges and opportunities brought by the development of Latin America's digital economy will accelerate the digital transformation in the 5G era.


“30 Years of Glory — A Tribute to the Future”

Opening Ceremony for a New Journey

"As 5G technology continues to develop and industry applications gradually mature, facing the vast and promising market ahead, optimizing the channel ecosystem cooperation system stands as a key advantage and value proposition for Sunwave's expansion into the European market. We have already entered the UK market and are experiencing rapid growth. The uneven development of network infrastructure across various European countries also provides us with greater room for potential development," Rafael, the VP sales of Sunwave in Europe, told reporters.

Standing at the forefront with courage, singing joyously amidst the waves. Sunwave is resolutely advancing its overseas strategy by establishing an independent overseas marketing team to provide overseas customers with wireless coverage products and services that encompass multiple operators, network integrations, and standards, achieving a leading position in international industry applications. Currently, our solutions have been applied in various scenarios such as the Malaysian subway system, the headquarters of renowned companies in London, UK, and commercial complexes in Australia. Our commercial success stories have spread across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and other regions. "In recent years, with the introduction of our core products such as 5G DAS and ORAN to the market, effectively solving the problem of comprehensive wireless network coverage in the 'last mile,' Sunwave has gained significant recognition from globally renowned enterprises. Our global competitive advantage and brand influence continue to grow," said Tracy Yu.

As the first overseas subway communication project of Sunwave, Line 1 of the Malaysian subway has lived up to expectations. With two years of dedicated efforts from the project team, it overcame various challenges and trials and successfully completed its delivery with excellence. This accomplishment showcased the professionalism and innovative thinking of Sunwave to the overseas market. Passengers can easily and efficiently make phone calls, send messages, chat online, browse news, check emails, and more. During the appreciation banquet, Malaysian government officials expressed their gratitude to the technical team of Sunwave. Tracy Yu, who was the project manager at the time, had a profound feeling: "This is a strong affirmation of Sunwave’s significant contributions to the co-construction and sharing of Malaysia's rail transit."

With the evolution of new technologies, the focus of 5G is shifting from providing faster wireless networks to expanding the breadth and depth of its applications. Indeed, Sunwave will continue to focus on improving wireless network coverage in remote areas, enhancing indoor signal coverage, and improving the service capabilities of 5G private networks. This commitment will contribute to enhancing economic and social efficiency in business productivity, deepening network co-construction and sharing, and keeping users closely connected with the world at all times.

Looking at "Sunwave" from a global perspective, the company has deeply cultivated the communication industry for many years, serving operators and customers in more than 30 countries worldwide. In the future, Sunwave will continue to forge ahead, becoming a more specialized operator, providing customers with better smart services, faster responses, and more customized solutions. We will persist in independent innovation, driving industry iterations and upgrades.

At the year of thirty, Sunwave establish enduring foundations for innovation, while leaping forward with promising prospects into the future. With a steady stride and unwavering determination, Sunwave will soar upwards, hand in hand with our partners, customers, and all Sunwave employees, building a brilliant future together!

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