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With mobile applications increase exponentially, greater demands have been placed on modern wireless infrastructures. High power DAS, which used to be the choice for all outdoor related venues, is no longer an ideal solution to medium-scaled business. Instead, mid power DAS meets the need of these scenarios and communication markets put urgent requirement forward on it.

As a global leader in wireless coverage field, Sunwave committed to address pain points in mobile communications and provides mid power DAS which named M2RU for customers. Below is the picture of M2RU.

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CrossFire M2RU is an advanced digital transport platform and can support both DAS solution and O-RAN solution. For CrossFire M2RU DAS Solution, it consists of BTS RRU, CPOI, A2, EU (optional) and M2RU. This solution could help customers save installation space and improve wireless coverage efficiently. System scheme please refer to the following picture.



Below picture is CrossFire M2RU O-RAN Solution, it contains CU, DU and M2RU. 5G era gives birth to O-RAN technology. Sunwave has become a member in O-RAN Alliance since 2019 and provides O-RAN series products.



  • Mid Output Power

  • 5G & O-RAN Compliance

  • Outdoor & CBRS scenario

  • Support Split7.2 or Split8.0

  • Support TDD & FDD

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