Keeping You Connected! Sunwave Unveils Overseas Brand Upgrading

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The year 2022 has witnessed rapid 5G global development with multiple applications popularized in various industries. Addressing the needs to enhance the last mile wireless connectivity, Sunwave has contributed to the wireless construction for more than 200 cities around the world in the past year aiming to remove last-mile bottlenecks and meet the tailored requirements of customers in diverse applicable scenarios.

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Sunwave is uniquely positioned to provide access to connectivity virtually in the last mile in diverse application cases varying from metropolitan buildings, remote rural areas, maritime satellite and enterprise private networks. Standing at the starting point of the new year and seizing the opportunity of the 30th anniversary of its establishment, Sunwave officially unveils the new brand image "Keeping You Connected" as the overseas brand development goal. A closer connection with customers will be established corresponding to what customers really need. Sunwave will always echo with the customer demands, undertaking the social responsibility for responsive customer uppermost. In the meanwhile, we hope to expand our broadband footprint beyond network. It is within our ambitious hope to strive for a closer world where mobile signals thrive, wireless technologies progress and most importantly, people connect with each other. In realization of smoother transformation from 4G to 5G, Sunwave focuses on the niche market in the characteristics of agility, multi-mode and multi-system and gears towards the elimination of pinpoints for end users.


In the future, Sunwave will continue providing 5G network coverage that delivers the speeds, security and lower latency connections that customers and businesses need regarding the last mile performance. We will dig deeper into the integrated 5G network solutions considering specified network development process in different regions of the world, shouldering the responsibilities of constructing a more connected world in the extensive global market. Sunwave will constantly anticipate future needs by innovating new applications enabled by 5G and discover how 5G creates new value for consumers and industries. Sunwave profoundly regards 5G as a step connecting beyond last mile. Let us join hands together in the 5G era! It is our shared vision to keeping you connected.

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