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Industrial IOT Solution

Sunwave industrial IOT solution is a professional integrated solution for Internet of things field, provides an end-to-end solution from the access of devices and sensors to multi-industrial application services. Through device access, edge computing, real-time data processing, data storage, data analysis, it provides enterprise intelligent transformation services to help enterprises completed the digital transformation. Covering manufacturing, water conservancy and environmental protection, electric power, clean energy, public service, building/Campus and other industries.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

The Solution architecture consists by four levels which are application scenarios (Business domain), IOT platform (Device/Sensors management and data process), network connection (data transmission) and Device/Sensors (Data collection).

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Key Components and Features

Key Components and Features

The core of Sunwave industrial IOT Solution is the sunwave industrial IOT platform which is a device management and data process platform supports device access from a variety of network connections based on different protocols, maintains connections for millions of devices. It allows millions of devices communicate with the IoT platform at the same time in order to manage a large number of devices on a single system, provides flexible and reliable cloud based architecture to meet different business requirements on time.

Key Benefits and Advantages

Key Benefits and Advantages

Device Access

●   Provides various solutions for connecting network devices which uses 2G/3G/4G, NB-IOT, LoRa or other wired and wireless technologies, simplify the management of devices connection over heterogeneous networks. Compatible with the standard protocol to build up an open ecosystem. 

   Supports various protocols, such as the MQTT, CoAP and HTTP. 

   Provides secure and reliable communication between devices and IoT Platform, makes sure data is not tampered with during transfer.

Device Management

●  Manages the entire lifecycle of devices, including device registration, remote configuration, firmware upgrade, remote control, real time monitoring, grouping, and device removal.

Data Management

●  Provides data storage capabilities, including data aggregate, data analytics and data visualization, which makes easier to read and write massive amounts of device data in real time.

Rule Engine

●  Supports user defined rules to transfer device data to application services for data storage and computing.

  Transfers data to Message Queue, ensuring that applications can access device data reliably.

  Transfers data to Data Store, supporting the integration of data acquisition and structured storage.

  Transfers data to Function Compute, supporting the integration of data acquisition and event-triggered processing.


●  Supports various data connections which use TLS (for example, MQTT and HTTP) and DTSL (for example, CoAP) protocols to ensure the privacy and integrity of data.

Sunwave IOT Gateway

●  The foundation of the sunwave industrial IOT solution is the sunwave IOT Gateway series which provides different type of gateways to connect various sensors in order to collect data information, supporting edge computing, multi protocols, deep industry customization and easy deployment to meet different industrial application service requirements.

Sunwave IOT gateway supports all kind of Interfaces of industrial IOT filed including WIFI, Bluetooth, zigbee, LoRa, FSK, RS232/485, analog/digit IO, CAN bus and Ethernet etc.