CrossFire M2RU - DAS

CrossFire M2RU is a digital transport platform supporting wideband cellular technologies on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The power amplifier technology adopts Digital Pre-Distortion, allowing for a significant improvement in power consumption compared with analogue technology. The M2RU platform is part of the CrossFire 2.0 generation capable of supporting 5G technology from 600MHz to 6000MHz, plus future RAN virtualisation.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

    5G NR Compliance.

    600 to 6000MHz Operating Frequency.

    4 x 3GPP Bands per Remote.

    Single Band 4x4 MIMO.

    Dual Band 2x2 MIMO.

    37 dBm Output Power per Band.

    Up to 100MHz IBW per Band.

    Optical cascading of EU-O’s & RU’s.

    External Alarm.


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