CrossFire CPOI

CrossFire CPOI is a modular rack mounted Point of Interconnect (POI), designed to provide RF attenuation and/or splitting of RF signal from Radio Base Stations. The solution supports up to 8 cards to be fitted into the POI sub-rack, with each card offering either attenuation of two RF services or 2 way splitting of six RF services. In a fully utilized sub-rack it is possible to attenuate 16 inputs with attenuation options from 10dB to 40dB for 16 outputs, or 12 inputs with both attenuation and splitting for 24 outputs. The product is an ideal compliment for the CrossFire Access Unit.

Product Selling Point


Technical Characteristics


    5U 19” Sub-Rack Modular Architecture.

●    Up to 8 wideband low-PIM Attenuation Cards.

   2 x RF services per Attenuation Card.

    6 x RF services per 2 Ways Splitter Card. 

    Redundant fans for high-reliability and heat extraction.

    AC or DC Powering Options.


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