4G LTE Femtocell-sCELL-F4240 ID

The F4240 is CBRS dual carrier LTE small cells targeted at indoor enterprise environments. The units can be installed by both end-users in “Plug-and-Play” mode and technicians in planned deployment. With 2*2*250mW output power of each cell and high-performance such as carrier aggregation, the F4240 can help mobile operators improve coverage and capacity with minimum cost.
  • sCELL-F4240 ID

  • Sunwave Communications


Key Features

  • Standard LTE bands: TDD bands 42/43/48 l

  • Peak data rate of each cell (20MHz)

        -DL 130Mbps (256QAM,SF2)

        -UL 30Mbps (64QAM,SF1) l

  • Peak data rate of carrier aggregation(20MHz)

        -DL 260Mbps (256QAM,SF2)

        -UL 60Mbps (64QAM,SF1) l

  • Maximum 2*64 VoLTE users, 2*64 RRC active users and 2*192 RRC connected users l

  • All IP based backhaul, many IP backhaul methods can be used, including RJ45 Ethernet, SFP

  • Plug-and-play with SON features, including self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing l

  • Local Web GUI management, network management with HeNB management server l

  • Compact and beautiful design, supplied with high performance integrated antennas l

  • PoE supported. Lower power consumption to reduce OPEX