What Sunwave has done to reduce 5G construction cost?

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Speaking of 5G, we have countless imagination:

Intelligent light has been turned on automatically while you enter the house

Playing VR game with your friends after lunch

Self-driving car is at your disposal if you want to go to anywhere


All of these amazing things are coming closer with the development of 5G

Potential Indoor wireless coverage product

As a leading mobile communication network construction supplier, Sunwave has launched 5G CrossfireN2RU, which is dedicated to improving indoor wireless coverage performance.

N2RU supports multi-operator multi-system hybrid networking, integrated Wi-Fi, and the highest working frequency is 3800MHz. Single N2RU can support 4T4R  dual frequency, 2T2R four frequency or 1T1R eight frequency, and TD-LTE and 5G NR TDD time slot detection, N2RU supports 2G/3G/4G/5G joint networking, each channel supports 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth at most, the maximum output power of each channel is 20dBm, and supports the RF access of antenna internal or external as well as 5G signal and CPRI baseband signal access.

It is well known that the cost of 5G platform construction and the single operator are extremely high. Based on this, Sunwave provides a new solution.

Sunwave provides excellent solution

To realize the level of current 4G coverage, it needs to establish 3-4 times the number of 4G stations, and the current price of 5G base station is about 3 times that of 4G.

In order to realize the application of 5G in industrial manufacturing, telemedicine, automatic driving and other fields, it is necessary to transform 5G architecture into SA networking, which will undoubtedly cost a lot.

With more and more devices and users connected to 5G base station, more and more data needed to be processed, so we cannot imagine how will the later operation and maintenance cost.

Considering the high cost of single operator in the past, Sunwave can help operators to reduce the cost significantly by launching a new mode of joint construction and sharing of neutral host.

This new mode adopts the way of sharing access network, core network construction, sharing 5G frequency resources, which can further improve the network speed and bring better 5G network experience.

The industry believes that it is difficult to enter the site, construct and maintain in the later stage. It is suggested that the role of the tower or the third-party integrator should be used to coordinate and build the virtual shared, flexible and general indoor system, which can not only accelerate the construction indoor, help operators to reduce the deployment cost, but also allow more enterprises, factories, shopping malls and other stakeholders to participate well stimulate new business model and indoor business innovation.           

At present, network host co-construction and sharing mode which is provided by Sunwave has carried out pilot work in China Tower.

In order to further expand the new market and opportunities of global co-construction and sharing, a joint working group of national host (NH) co-construction and sharing has been established in Sunwave, which can better promote the successful implementation of pilot offices and even regional projects, and create replicable product solutions.

Sunwave will unveil the great 5G life for all of you in the future.

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