Ultra-wideband passive components facilitate 5G fast network construction

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With the rapid development of 5G, the communication industry will embrace a significant development opportunity. Because the existing stock of traditional DAS system in 5G era cannot support functions such as 3.5GHz high-frequency and xTxR MIMO, etc., the evolution to 5G has encountered a development bottleneck. 5G will address the challenge of providing continuous network coverage for a large number of buildings, requiring continuous modification of existing passive systems. In order to build the network quickly and seize the market opportunity, it is particularly important to find a passive component supplier with strong comprehensive strength.

As a global leader in wireless coverage field, Sunwave committed to address pain points in mobile communications with Ultra- wideband, full range of passive components products. Below is the picture of Sunwave series of RF products.



Based on existing passive room products, expand 5G frequency band, develop POI, passive devices, feeders, antennas and other 5G room products, and provide low-cost solutions for building and tunnel scenes. This solution could help customers save installation space and improve wireless coverage efficiently. System scheme please refer to the following picture.



In 5G era, both performance and cost should be taken into account. Generally residential areas due to small penetration loss will still be through the outdoor macro station to cover the indoor. A series of innovative passive room products, such as 5G POI, 5G new leakage cable and enhanced room sub-connector, have been introduced to support 2G/3G/4G/5G full-system, full-frequency and low-cost network construction, which has been successfully applied to buildings and tunnels, as well as indoor coverage projects of new construction and renovation.


  • Ultra-wideband (698~3800MHz)

  • Multi-system and multi-frequency signal integration

  • Low PIM and low reflection

  • Low loss and high isolation

  • High stability

  • Flexible customization and strong installability

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