Sunwave Communication fast reaction to help China’s Hospital recover it’s 4G network during Coronavirus fight

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-20-2020      Origin: Site

28 of January, the Chang Sha No.1 People’s Hospital’s 4G coverage was down. At the same time, the hospital was full of patients due to the Coronavirus affect. The recovery of the network was critical. The support request passed to Sunwave Communications Co., Ltd through Chang Sha Mobile Cooperation.

Despite it’s the Chinese New Year and the Coronavirus attack, Sunwave’s customer support team arrived hospital within 1 hour. Since Sunwave received the support request, the team finished onsite survey, solution design, implementation and signal testing within the same day. In addition, within the same day, not only the outage was resolved, but Sunwave’s engineer also upgraded the network capability to face the potential increasing of user due to Coronavirus.

Now, the whole world is working together fighting the Coronavirus. Sunwave as a technology company, would do whatever we can to contribute our part.

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