Sunwave 5G NRRU: Cost-Effective DAS Solution for 5G Indoor Coverage

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Sunwave 5G NRRU: 

Cost-Effective DAS Solution for 5G Indoor Coverage

At present, 5G has entered a stage of scaled construction. With indoor places being essential for the applications of 5G, 5G digital indoor solutions have been deployed in various heavy-traffic indoor areas, such as airports, railway stations, metros, and shopping malls. However, in office buildings, hotels, and other similar indoor scenarios, deep indoor coverage is still a challenge. These scenarios are usually characterized by:

    • Relatively low traffic demand, yet a high proportion of high-ARPU users who demand high-quality access to network services anywhere, anytime.

    • Dense partition walls in internal space, creating significant signal attenuation to a level that in-depth coverage becomes extremely challenging.

    • It is estimated that office buildings and hotels account for over 60% of the total indoor scenarios. This means that operators will face pressure to heavily invest in providing mobile coverage for these areas.

Therefore, operators are eagerly seeking cost-effective digital solutions that balance performance and coverage demands, while also enabling future-proof transformation for such indoor scenarios.

Based on DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) architecture and scenario-specific design, Sunwave released 5G NR digital fiber repeater (NRRU) for deep coverage in scenarios with medium-low traffic and multiple partitions. It also features multimode integration and supports flexible coverage expansion.

Below is the picture of NRRU.

5G NRRU is a low-cost, fast coverage solution for 5GNR signal by directly coupling signals from RRU source and using software radio technology to transmit signals through optical fiber to the remote unit.

Typical Features:

  • Support 5G & 4G multi-network coverage

  • High efficiency low power consumption

  • Natural cooling, high reliability

  • Support wall/pole mounting

  • Support for intelligent terminal test

  • Support local or remote monitoring

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