This board is the core board of wireless wideband MESH equipment, mainly completing the video and data acquisition and processing of wireless wideband MESH equipment, baseband signal processing and intermediate frequency signal processing and other functions, including IP data processing, baseband MAC layer and PHY layer processing and baseband signal to high intermediate frequency signal conversion. It can be customized according to customer requirements with compatibility and stability.

Key Features

COFDM modulation is adopted

Support 5MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz channel bandwidth

Supports peak throughput of 70Mbps@20MHz

At the same time support serial communication, video communication

Built-in Wi-Fi module and GPS/ Beidou module

Technical Specifications

The board indicators

Frequency   point

200 ~   1500MHz (customizable)


5 MHz /   10 MHz / 20 MHz

Output   power

The   highest 30 DBM

Receiving   sensitivity

The   highest - 93 DBM @ 5 MHz

MESH   throughput

Maximum   70 MBPS

Modulation   method

-COFDM   modulation

Constellation   modulation

BPSK,   QPSK and 16QAM (Adaptive)

FEC code   rate

1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6   (Adaptive)


Main and   sub-antenna interface

2 MMCX RF   connector antenna interfaces

Wi-Fi   antenna interface


GPS   antenna interface


Internet   Port

Two RJ45

USB   interface

1 USB   port

Indicator   light

Link   light

Built-in function

GPS/   Beidou module


Wi-Fi   module


Whole plate   indicators

Power   supply

DC: 12V ~   48V@2A (total transmitting power: 1W board card)

DC: 14V ~   48V@3A (Total transmitting power: 2W board card)

Power   consumption

<24W   (normal)


The <   60 g

Working   temperature      

- 20 ~ + 50

Storage   temperature

- 50 ~ + 65

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