Outdoor type equipment is a wireless broadband MESH device with long distance and high bandwidth designed for outdoor complex environment (such as roof, tower, etc.), with protection grade IP65. The device is developed based on COFDM technology and MESH multi-hop AD hoc network technology, and realizes free networking with different product forms, providing users with fast and reliable wireless transmission links in complex environments and fast and flexible solutions for various business requirements (such as high-definition video, IP data transmission, etc.).
The application fields of the equipment are: public security, armed police, fire, disaster relief, maritime and other emergency communication systems; Motorcade, electric power, water conservancy, waterway, border and coastal defense monitoring.

Key Features

Multi - carrier COFDM technology


Point-to-point throughput peaks at up to 80Mbps Point-to-point transmission distance above 80Km (line-of-sight)

Multi-hop AD hoc network (MESH) technology


Automatic networking, automatic calculation of network routing, no human intervention, effectively save manpower and material resources

Support 255 nodes free networking, automatic multi-hop transmission, achieve seamless coverage of the region

Portability and Accessibility

Plug and Play

Support mobile phone, Web and other configuration functions, can be remote management

Customization function

The transmitting power is adjustable from 500mW to 10W

       Working frequency band 200MHz ~ 1.5GHz can be customized

Signal bandwidth is adjustable by 5/10/20MHz

Technical Specifications

Wireless features

Frequency   range

35 MHz to   643 + / 1270 + 30 MHz

200MHz ~   1.5GHz customizable


Adjustable   5/10/20 MHz

Modulation   method


Modulation   constellation

BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM   (Adaptive)

Fixed   rate can be customized

Transmission   rate

A peak, 80   MBPS @ 20 MHz

Digital   sensitivity

- 92 DBM   @ 5 MHz

Transmission   distance

> 80km   (line-of-sight)

Transmission   power

Max 10 w

High   power customizable

Networking capabilities                                         

Networking   capability

Support   255 nodes free networking

Network   hop

> 8   jump

Net time

connected   to the network after system starts 8s

Network   topology

Centerless   network, star network, chain network, mesh network, etc.

Network   passthrough

Support   network passthrough function

System parameters

Peripheral   interface

Internet   port

Video   input

Support   IP video input

Control   function

Support   network management system platform

System   upgrade

Support   one-click upgrade, remote upgrade

Other   function

GPS/   Beidou, Wi-Fi

Working   voltage

DC48V   AC220V /

The power   consumption of the device


90 w or less (10 w)

Physical properties

Working   temperature

- 20 ~ 55

Protection   grade


IP66 and   IP67 can be customized

Overall   dimensions

223 mm *   316 mm * 133 mm

Can be   customized

Overall   weight

5.85 kg

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