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The SW-LH515 from SUNWAVE is a DMR entry level portable designed for traditional analog users who want to experience digital communications while staying within their analog budgets. With a loud and crystal-clear audio, a longer battery life, as well as higher spectrum efficiency delivered by a 12.5 KHz channel spacing, the device gives users a whole package of basic digital features and a smooth transition. The SW-LH515 is an ideal analog replacement for small businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
  • SW-LH515
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Key Features

Digital/analog Dual Modes

The SW-LH515 gives you a smooth transition from the analog world to the digital.

A Longer Battery Life

The SW-LH515 can function for longer than any conventional analog radios. (digital 17hours; analog 13 hours)

Excellent Audio Quality

The FEC technology and AMBE+2TM vocoder deliver a clear and crisp audio.

Small Size and Light Weight

The SW-LH515 is small and light enough to be held easily and comfortably in a single hand. It is also very easy to operate.

Scan/ Monitor (Programmable)

At a convenient push of a button you can monitor all the conversations on your channel or you can scan conversations on different channels.

Private Call, Group Call and All Call (Programmable)

The versatile calling functions bring more efficiency to your teamwork.

Compatible with Motorola Audio Accessories

The SW-LH515 is compatible with Motorola audio accessories. So, if you already have a Motorola analog earpiece or microphone, you can pair them with SW-LH515 and go hand-free.



   DMR Portable SW-LH515 Datasheet:    SP_SW_LH515.pdf