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SW-LH41X Series

The SW-LH410/411/412 from SUNWAVE are DMR IP67 portable radios provide the advantages of superior audio quality, an outstanding coverage, a long-lasting battery life and more. The pseudo trunking and two timeslots technologies greatly increase spectrum efficiency without any extra costs. Where safety is concerned, the built-in RC4 encryption technology helps to maximize communication privacy while the delicate orange emergency button together with such functions as Man-down, Lone Worker and GPS helps to optimize your workers’ safety.
  • LH410, LH411, LH412
  • Sunwave Communications

Key Features

     ●    DMO True 2-Slots, allowing for 2 Talk Paths at 1 Frequency

     ●    Digital/ Analog Dual Modes

     ●    Personnel Safety: Mandown, Lone Worker, Emergency Alarms

     ●    IP67 for Dust and Water Protection

     ●    Advanced Encryption with RC4 Technology

     ●    Transmit Interrupt/ Radio Priority for Emergency or Urgent Communication

     ●    Integrated High Precision GPS

     ●    2-Tone/ 5-Tone



   Ruggedized Terminal the LH41X Series (LH410/411/412) Datasheet:    SP_SW_LH410/411/412.pdf