The AL5KP-18I is a powerful wireless broadband access and transmission product. It has built-in VTrans wireless technology, which combines industry-leading core technologies, including MIMO, TDMA, and more. It has the characteristics of long transmission distance, high throughput and strong anti-interference.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

   Support 802.11a / n / ac standard

   Maximum transmission rate 867Mbps 

   Outdoor transmission distance: 0 ~ 5km

   Integrated antenna for quick installation

   Built-in VTrans technology

   Support network bridge and routing mode, by adjusting the network mode of the device can achieve flexible deployment of network architecture

   Intelligent QoS wireless multimedia optimization technology, priority transmission stability of voice and video

   Support dual firmware backup, through the firmware backup mechanism, to prevent the device from working in extreme conditions

   Support webpage management, making the installation and maintenance of the equipment more convenient

   Support wireless controller (ac) management, realize remote centralized configuration and upgrade management

   Support 802.3at protocol (POE +)

   Protection level reaches ip66, adapt to a variety of environments

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