The AL5F is a powerful wireless broadband access and transmission product. It has built-in VTrans wireless technology, which combines industry-leading core technologies, including MIMO, TDMA, and more. It has the characteristics of long transmission distance, high throughput and strong anti-interference.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

   High performance 802.11n 2×2 MIMO chip.

   Max transmission throughput: 300Mbps.

   Transmission distance: 0~5km.

   Support 4 operation modes: Access Point, Station, WDS Access Point, and WDS  Station.

   Original VTrans technology, including industry-leading technologies such as TDMA  and MIMO.

   Support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint connection.

   Unique antenna, RF amplifier, and low noise receiver design to ensure the reliability  of long-distance video data transmission.

   Customize common scenes and work patterns for users to use and assemble for  non-professionals.

   Unique TDMA technology maximizes bandwidth resources and better supports point-to-multipoint data transmission.

   Support 48V PoE+ power supply.

   Support remote control and management.

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