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The wireless ad hoc network system is a new type of broadband wireless multi-hop access network. There is no central node, and all equipment nodes are equal. Each node can automatically and quickly establish a wireless network. It supports point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network, hybrid network and other topologies. The system uses the same frequency networking and multi-hop relay technology. Each device node can move quickly and randomly, and the system topology can change rapidly without affecting system transmission. The overall system is convenient to deploy, flexible to use, simple to operate, and easy to maintain. It can provide users with efficient, reliable, real-time and secure all IP clear voice, broadband data, high-definition video, visual command and scheduling and other multimedia integrated services.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

   There is no center co-frequency self-organizing network, just turning on the power can automatically form a wireless mesh network to communicate with each other in real time.

   Multiple networking modes, supporting any network topology, such as point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network, and hybrid networking.

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