5GC is based on NFV technology to realize the separation of network element functions and hardware resources, and to realize the software-based system functions and the generalization of hardware resources. It can be deployed with laaS cloud computing service platforms such as AWS and Azure to achieve flexible capacity scaling. New business and new communication versions are on-line fast, and hardware generalization to ensure fast update iteration.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

    Authentication function                                                                              

    5G-GUTI Allocation function                                                     

    Connection management function                                                         

    Support Served GUAMI and the allocation of weights                              

    Allow other NF consumer users to get notifications of mobile-related events and statistics                                        

    Support NF service authentication

    Up to 400,000 online subscribers

    gNodeBs :Up to 500 sets

    Hardware :2 x 10 cores, 2.3GHz CPU; 32G RAM; 2x500G HDD Raid 1; 4 x 1G NIC

    Standard :3GPP R16 release

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