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IoT Platform

Based on the unified IOT connection management platform, Sunwave IOT platform realizes seamless connection with upstream and downstream product capabilities through open North API and security access services, and provides end-to-end high-value industry solutions for customers, such as intelligent power, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent agriculture, intelligent medical care, Internet of vehicles, ladder network, public services, etc.

Platform Architecture


Sunwave industrial IOT platform is a device management and data process platform supports device access from a variety of network connections based on different protocols, maintains connections for millions of devices. It allows millions of devices communicate with the IoT platform at the same time in order to manage a large number of devices on a single system, provides flexible and reliable cloud based architecture to meet different business requirements on time. 

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Platform Characteristics


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Platform Specification


Characteristic Type Details
Product Characteristics
  • Support safe and reliable equipment access with multi-protocol and multi network, and provide million level equipment access capability.

  • Support remote control, remote debugging, remote upgrade, and remote configuration of device management capabilities.

  • Support data visualization, big data analysis and other Internet of things data processing capabilities.

Device Access
  • Support MQTT, COAP, HTTP and other communication protocols

  • Support interface docking between services.

  • Support Lora, NB-IOT, Bluetooth, Ethernet and other network modes.

Platform Performance Access capacity of million equipment
Security Equipment certification ensures equipment safety and uniqueness Transmission encryption ensures data not to be tampered with
Reliability Service availability 99.9%