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CrossFire NPRU

CrossFire NPRU is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE and public safety technologies on Twisted Pair Copper and Optical cabling using the CPRI protocol. The digital radio supports 4 x 3GPP bands across a wideband software defined remote unit. The NPRU platform provides a Wi-Fi style approach to deployment of cellular coverage by adopting structured cabling including Power over Ethernet between the floor riser and antenna location. An ideal solution for the Enterprise.

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Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

    Universal Model Supports 700 to 2700 MHz.

●    4 x 3GPP Bands per Remote.

    15dBm Output Power per Band.

    Up to 80MHz per Band.

    Cat6A for Power and Data.

    Software defined Radio Frequency.

    Support 2x2 MIMO in Single Unit.

    Integrated IP Transport.