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CrossFire HPRU

CrossFire HP is a digital transport platform supporting cellular, GigE IP and wideband public safety technologies on fibre optic cable using the CPRI protocol. The power amplifier technology adopts Digital Pre-Distortion, allowing for a significant improvement in power consumption compared with analogue technology. This platform is ideal for multi-operator multi-band deployments of cellular services into large coverage areas, and as an alternative for single operator RAN solutions.

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Technical Characteristics


    700 to 2700 MHz Operating Frequency.

●    2 x 3GPP Bands per Remote.

    43dBm Output Power per Band.

    Up to 80MHz per Band. 

    Support 2x2 MIMO.

    Duplex or Simplex Output.

    Optical cascading of EU-O’s & RU’s.

    Integrated IP Transport.